S5 Group Physics Classes

This course is for students studying Higher physics and will focus on the foundations of the Higher, Unit 1, Our Dynamic Universe 

Why Study This Course? 

Understand the Higher from the foundations to confidently achieve an A. We ensure physics is meaningful and assessment is thorough with past paper questions and insightful feedback. 

Key Outcomes

  • Choose and apply the correct equation of motion
  • Carry out momentum and impulse experiments
  • Understand Special Relativity
  • Study the expanding universe

 Seven Lesson Summary

 Week 1 Test. How much do you know?

 Week 2  Equations of Motion

 Week 3 Impulse & momentum

 Week 4 Gravitation & Special Relativity

 Week 5 The Expanding Universe

 Week 6 Test. How much do you know now?

 Week 7 Review. What have you learned? What to review? What are your next steps?


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Key Course Information

Course Start Date

13th January 2021


Lesson Time

Wednesdays at 8.15pm

Course Duration

7 x 55 Minute Lessons Weekly

Course Price

£12.50 per Lesson.
£87.50 for Full Block (7 Lessons).


Unit 1 Our Dynamic Universe

Equations of Motion

Impulse & momentum

Gravitation & Special Relativity

The Expanding Universe


Why Take S5 Group Physics Classes

Give your child the upper hand

Virtual experiments

Carry out momentum and impulse experiment

Apply Equations

Choose and apply the correct equation of motion

Develop a Sense of Wonder

Understand Special Relativity and study the expanding universe.

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Ange is known for her enthusiasm, initiative and drive to make physics accessible to everyone. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys skiing in the Alps.

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Up Next

Up Next: Higher Physics

Our next block, will focus on more Higher Physics