S4 – Group Maths Classes

This course is for students who want a solid understanding of trigonometry at National 5 level. While this course is designed with S4 students in mind, it is also appropriate for high attaining ambitious S3 students or as consolidation for S5 students.


Why Study This Course?

Trigonometry typically counts towards 10-20% of the National 5 exam. It is an important topic in Higher maths, physics and engineering and has applications in real life from sound waves to sat-nav.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand how the unit circle underpins trigonometry.
  • “See” graph transformations from equations.
  • Apply trigonometric rules in the context of an exam.

Seven Lesson Summary

Week 1 Test. How much do you know?

Week 2  Similar triangles, SOHCAHTOA and the unit circle

Week 3 Trig graphs + Transformations

Week 4 Trig equations

Week 5 Trig rules

Week 6 Test. How much do you know now?

Week 7 Review. What have you learned? What to review? What are your next steps?


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Key Course Information

Course Start Date

5th January 2021


Lesson Time

Tuesdays at 7.00pm

Course Duration

7 x 55 Minute Lessons Weekly

Course Price

£87.50 for Full Block (Includes all 7 Lessons).


  • Unit circle essentials
  • Trigonometric graphs, equations and transformations
  • Sin and cosine rules 


Why Take S4 Group Maths Classes

Give your child the upper hand

Understand the Unit Circle

Understand how the unit circle underpins trigonometry.

Imagine equations

“See” graph transformations from equations.

Exam Context

Apply trigonometric rules in the context of an exam.

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