S4 Group Chemistry Classes

This course is Suitable for SQA National 5 Chemistry students who want to review common areas of difficulty with Unit 1.

Why Study This Course?

This course will safeguard students against common misconceptions. It will help students develop essential knowledge and methods needed for the foundations of chemistry who want to succeed in National 5, Higher or even follow a path towards medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry or solid state chemistry. 


Key Outcomes

  • Review common areas of difficulty in Unit 1
  • Understanding reaction rates
  • Solve chemical equations


Seven Lesson Summary

Week 1 Test. How much do you know?

Week 2 Collision Theory and reaction rates

Week 3 Measuring rates of reactions

Week 4 Formula writing, mole calculations

Week 5 Calculations based on equations

Week 6 Test. How much do you know now?

Week 7 Review. What have you learned? What to review? What are your next steps?

A revision of areas that students have difficulty with in Unit 1 – the Collision Theory and reaction rates, measuring rates of reactions, atomic theory and bonding, formula writing, mole calculations and calculations based on equations; if time allows, concentration and titration calculations too.



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Key Course Information

Course Start Date

12th January 2021


Lesson Time

Tuesdays at 8.15pm

Course Duration

7 x 55 Minute Lessons Weekly

Course Price

£12.50 per lesson.

£87.50 for Full Block (7 Lessons).


  • Collision Theory and reaction rates

  • Measuring rates of reactions

  • Formula writing, mole calculations

  • Calculations based on equations

Why Take S4 Group Chemistry Classes

Give your child the upper hand

Experienced guidance

Be prepared against common mistakes and misconceptions

Reaction Rates

Understand and measure reaction rates


Develop precision with chemical equations

Your teacher…


Chemistry | Biology | RE 

Anne-Marie leads on chemistry and biology tuition. She has had a distinguished career as a chemistry, biology and science teacher over more than 20 years in both public and private institutions.

Before receiving a distinction in her PGCE teaching qualification, Anne-Marie prepared and edited research papers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Anne-Marie still holds the record for the highest number of A passes in Higher Chemistry in her old school. In her last role, 100% of students in her Advanced Higher classes achieved A grades, two years running!

When she’s not teaching, she enjoys improving her french language skills and playing the violin.

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