S1-3 Group Biology Classes

This course is designed for early secondary students (BGE) who want to study more Biology, and have the motivation and interest to follow a structured course.

Why Study This Course?

This course will satisfy the interests of pupils who are interested in biology and have studied some biology already. This course will also prepare for formal testing. It will give students a good headstart in biology, an increasingly important  field in these challenging times.


Key Outcomes

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of cells.
  • Improve biological literacy and communication
  • Develop skills in formal assessment.


Seven Lesson Summary

Week 1. Test. How much do you know?

Week 2  Cell Division and its role in  growth and repair

Week 3 DNA and its uses

Week 4  Genes and Chromosomes

Week 5 Cells and Organisms, and their role in food production

Week 6 Test. How much do you know now?

Week 7 Review, How well did you do? What are your next steps?



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Key Course Information

Course Start Date

6th January 2021


Lesson Time

Thursdays at 7.00pm

Course Duration

7 x 55 Minute Lessons Weekly

Course Price

£87.50 for Full Block (Includes all 7 Lessons).


  •  Cell Division, and its role in  growth and repair
  •  DNA and its uses
  • Genes and Chromosomes
  • Cells and Organisms, and their role in Food Production

Why Take S1-3 Group Biology Classes

Give your child the upper hand

Cell Knowledge

Develop knowledge and understanding of cells.

Biological Literacy

To develop biological literacy and communication

Assessment Experience

To give learners examples of formal assessment, and how to develop skills in assessment.

Your teacher…



Jannet has shared her enthusiasm for science and teaching for decades, not only as a biology PGDE teacher trainer at the University of Edinburgh buy also as Head of Science at one of Scotland's fine boarding schools. She helps create exams for the SQA as well as mark and vet papers. Jannet radiates warmth and energy, is a thought-provoking and inspiring teacher. We are delighted to have Jannet in our Learning Better team.

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