S5 Group Classes

S5 Group Classes with Learning Better

We know how much is at stake in the Higher year; competitive places at university, college and the world of work. With less time, more pressure, you want your preparations to be effective so book below to start Learning Better today.

S5 Group Maths Classes


Maths is the language of science, computers and data.

Learn the facts, test the techniques and develop a playfulness with problems to open up the most opportunities.

S5 Group English Classes


Become a more effective communicator, learning the tools and structures to critically engage in textual analysis and express effortlessly.

S5 Group Personal Development Classes

Personal Development

To improve in any subject, effective effort is required.

Can you learn to be more effective, more directed or more motivated? Why not learn more?

S5 Group Physics Classes


Physics teaches us to understand how things work from first principles. Studying physics strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills that are valuable beyond the subject.

S5 Group Biology Classes


Cells are the basic units of life and they make up the composition of all living things, while genetic information within the cells is responsible for determining the structure and function of each individual cell.

S5 Group Chemistry Classes


Through chemistry, you’ll learn the properties of atoms and how they form chemical bonds and compounds, that is, what we call the physical world.


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