October 20, 2020
The Science of Learning

Is there a science to learning? Can I learn more with my time? Can research and science help me to start learning better?

Yes, yes and yes. Deans for Impact’s 2015 study takes through the facts and fictions of learning, backed up by more than 40 scientific publications. So don’t waste another day wasting your time using “junk” science, test yourself below, answers and references at the bottom.

Good luck!

1 You learn 4 times as fast if you use the right learning style.

2 Humans only use 10% of their brain.

3 To learn, we’re best to connect new information to things we already know.

4 Too much information at once can cause our minds to overload.

5 It doesn’t matter how you practice so long as you practice.

6 Trying to remember something helps you remember it in the future.

7 Spending 5 hours learning in a day gives the same results as over 5 weeks.

8 We remember things better if we ask “what does this mean?”.

9 Students do not have different learning styles.

10 Effective feedback is key in mastering new skills.

11 Effective feedback is specific and clear.

12 Effective feedback focuses on the task.

13 Effective feedback focuses on the student.

14 Effective feedback explains how to improve.

For the answers, read the research at

The Science of Learning, Deans for Impact, 2015, http://deansforimpact.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/The_Science_of_Learning.pdf

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