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Maths | English | Study Skills


Before starting Learning Better, Chris established himself as a 5-star private tutor with national agencies, guiding his students each year to believe in themselves, work hard and sensibly and eventually succeed beyond their own  expectations.

His teaching experience spans Scotland, English, Italy, Vietnam and Hong Kong including a selection of Glasgow private schools, the British Council. Pro-bono, he has offered employability programs, English education for refugees and mentored at-risk young people in Glasgow with MCR Pathways.

Chris teaches English, maths, study skills and school entrance preparation. 



Mona is an excellent mathematician with extensive experience as a teacher, lecturer and examiner. She has marked for exam boards including Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge at A-Level and iGCSE. 



As Head of Science at the prestigious Ardvreck boarding school in Perthshire,  teacher trainer and lecturerer at the University of Edinburgh and exam setter, vetter, marker and principle verifier at the Scottish Qualification Authority, Jannet brings a wealth of experience and a warm, nurturing personality to the team.

Jannet teaches biology, including Advanced Higher,  foundational core skills at primary and early secondary and provides additional support needs. 

Chemistry | Biology | RE


Anne-Marie leads on chemistry and biology tuition. She has had a distinguished career as a chemistry, biology and science teacher with more than 20 years experience.

Physics | Biology | Oxbridge


Ange leads on physics tuition, with a 20 year career as a physics teacher and more recently an SQA marker.

She currently lead a science depar in the Alps.


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